To be a Globally Admired Company in Non Ferrous Metal Recycling, Delivering Sustainable Values to all Stakeholders.

CMR Group will, over the Next Five Years, Expand its Operations Pan-India. CMR Green will be among the Most Preferred Employers in the Country. CMR Green will Adopt Green Technology to Save One Million Tons of CO2 Emission.

Core Values

  • Care for & contribute to environment
    • Recycling Aluminium
    • Each tonne of Aluminum ingot manufactured through secondary route emits ~290 kg of CO2, as compared to emission of ~3830 kg of CO2 while manufacturing through primary route.
    • The process of primary aluminium production through refineries results in the generation of large quantities of solid waste amounting to ~ 2-2.5 tonnes for 1 tonne aluminium produced hence effecting the environment, unlike secondary aluminium where solid and liquid discharge is close to negligible.
  • Our customers’ success must precede our own success
    • We continuously strive to deliver more value to our customer
    • By employing the required Technologies, Processes & Innovative products
    • By improving Quality, Cost & Delivery
    • Integrity at CMR is non-negotiable
  • We care for our people
    • Committed to provide a safe, clean and vibrant work environment to our people
    • Encourage work life balance
    • Believe that organization growth goes hand in hand with people growth